Barbecue charcoal and disposable barbecues – Ecoflame barbecue fire, lighting chimney, barbecue charcoal briquette, disposable barbecue FSC, lava stones.

Barbecue lighting chimney for easy and effective lighting of the barbecue. Grill charcoal of apple or coconut in different quantities. Disposable grill for a unique barbecue experience. Lava stones for a long lasting and fiery barbecue.


Lava rocks

Lava rocks to be used in gas BBQs


Apple barbecue charcoal 2,5 kg

From fruitwood


Apple barbecue charcoal 5 kg

From fruitwood

Grillkohle Kokosbrikett

Charcoal Coconut briquette 3 kg

Charcoal briquette made from coconut shells. Product made from 100% renewable raw materials.


BBQ starter

BBQ starter made of galvanised steel for barbecue charcoal.

Instant BBQ

Instant BBQ ready for use

FLASH Einweggrill FSC 100%

Instant BBQ with certified charcoal

Instant BBQ ready for use

CASUS Einweggrill

CASUS instant BBQ

Eco disposable BBQ made from 100% natural materials.

Grillfeuer (mit Banderole)

Ecoflame BBQ fire

For cooking or frying, you can place the pot and pan directly on the grill fire.