BOOMEX Produktions- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH is one of Europe’s leading producers of charcoal, grill, stove, hearth and fireplace lighters. As manufacturer with German production sites, we guarantee the well-known high product quality.

We have been growing continuously for more than 30 years, and our “firelighters” core business has been rounded off by a wide range of additional products to do with fire – popular and renowned branded products!

BOOMEX GmbH – The experts for charcoal igniters, grill igniters and everything around fire.

At a glance:
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Certified by TÜV Nord.

BOOMEX GmbH is a certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

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The product categories:

Anzündmittel Grill- und Kaminanzünder

Safe and diverse lighter media

Barbecue Season Sommer

Everything for the summer’s barbecue season

Kategorie 3 - Cold Season Winter

Products for the cool season

All Season alle Jahreszeiten

Year-round evergreens

Fire & Deco dekorative Accessoires

Trendy accessories


Lagerhalle Essen

Current status at BOOMEX GmbH

We have some highlights in the pipeline for 2022. We are looking forward to the PLMA and Spoga fairs. Things are moving forward with the FLAMMBURO project.



FLASH GOLD Premium firelighters

Absolutely outstanding – The new, powerful firelighters under the FLASH PREMIUM label. The golden packaging show the customers that this is the highest quality ever produced by BOOMEX. Here, FLASH shows its full potential and sets the new non-plus ultra in the firelighter market! Click here for the firelighters.

Anzündwolle 5 kg Koffer

Firelighter wood wool 5 kg case

The FLASH brand firelighter wool is growing. The 5 kg case not only has a stable carrying handle but also a practical pouring device. Click here for the article.


Original Ecoflame® – THE Swedish Fire

Original Ecoflame® – THE Swedish Fire. The woods are from exemplary managed forests and delivered with a high-quality wood wool firelighter. The product has been upgraded once again. Click here for the article.

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An overview of our product categories

We have divided our products into 6 categories.

New products
With our usual innovative strengthas producer, we continuously develop approaches to improve the articles under the FLASH brand and to develop new products. The best proof of our success are the new products themselves.

Igniter: grill & fireplace lighter
Here you will find high-quality and equally safe ignition products according to DIN EN Norm 1860-3 directly supplied from the manufacturer. BOOMEX is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of charcoal, grill, hearth and chimney firelighters! Firelighter wood wool, ecological firelighter, firelighter cubes, liquid firelighter – All produced in two factories in Germany. An absolute market novelty is the wood-free ignition wool from hemp fibers.

BBQ Season: Grill accessories
The Barbecue Season includes a wide range of premium BBQ tools and accessories such as grill tongs, grill brushes, grill thermometers, etc.

Cold Season
In the Cold Season product category you will find oil stove lighters, soot removers, a high-quality dry cleaner for fireplace glass panes and an ecological fireplace block.

All Season
The All Seasons offers lamp oils in different variants, burning gels, bio-ethanol, burning alcohol, extra long matches and a universal power cleaner on biological basis.

Fire & Deco presents a trendy range of decorative accessories for an attractive living ambience around fire. These include Swedish fire natural flares, oil lamps and the popular stick lighters.

An insight into the company BOOMEX GmbH

Who is BOOMEX GmbH and what makes up the company?

About us
About us you get an insight into BOOMEX GmbH, which looks back on more than 35 years of company history. From the very beginning, the company with its charcoal and grill igniters has been a guarantor for high-quality and equally safe products. The company history is presented briefly and concisely in a time table.

The production
BOOMEX has state-of-the-art production lines at both production sites, at its headquarters in Essen and at its site in Alsfeld, Hesse. Quality and safety are always in focus.

Our brands
FLASH and FIRE & DECO have been synonymous with high-quality articles for all aspects of fire since their market launch.

Marketing Service
When it comes to marketing services, BOOMEX GmbH provides its customers with professional support. We support our trade partners in the planning of display campaigns and the design of themed shelf walls.

Environmental protection
Especially with wood-based products, an additional aspect is of utmost importance for BOOMEX: environmental protection – and thus also the responsible handling of the raw material wood.