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Alsfeld – Our “Eco-Location”

BOOMEX GmbH has been producing firelighters for barbecue and fireplace since 1984. The headquarters has been in Essen since the company was founded and our plant in the port area produces our classic, the white firelighter cubes. In 2012, BOOMEX GmbH also officially took over the plants in Alsfeld, from the 100% subsidiary, Schreiber GmbH. For almost 10 years, the production facilities in Alsfeld have been continuously developed and expanded. Where previously only the eco-firelighting cubes based on wood and wax were produced, BOOMEX GmbH today also produces, firelighting wool, firelighting blankets, organic liquid firelighters and organic lamp oil. Alsfeld has become our strong “eco-location”.

Plants in Alsfeld

Due to the expansion of production capacities in Alsfeld, the original premises quickly reached their limits. In the meantime, 4 locations in the Alsfeld area belong to BOOMEX GmbH. In addition to the administration, production and packaging is carried out at three locations. This division of the plants naturally brings with it a logistical challenge. This issue has now also been addressed…

The new truck in Alsfeld

Empty packaging just-in-time to the right production site, transfer of waxed firelighter wool to the cutting plant or pooling of finished products for joint collection – the new truck in Alsfeld is constantly in use. To make it clear to everyone who is on the road, we wanted to give our new truck some color. Of course, the look also had to match the “eco-location” in Alsfeld. I think we succeeded…


So keep your eyes open in Alsfeld. The streets are getting greener!


Advent at Lockdown

It is Advent

During Advent the employees of BOOMEX GmbH like to go to the Christmas market together and besiege a mulled wine stand. It would be the same this year, if not…! Well-visited Christmas markets, unrestrained gift shopping and mulled wine in the group to the ever-recurring Christmas pop songs do not exist this year. Perhaps this is indeed the Advent of peace and contemplation. So let’s at least try to see the positive in the current situation.


It is Lockdown

The current lockdown prevents more than just the traditional Christmas market visit. Each of us is personally restricted. Existences are threatened. We, at BOOMEX have to be thankful. Our production lines are running and trucks are loading our customers’ orders at a high rate. At least that is normal this year.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you – to our customers, to our suppliers and to our partners. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For 2021 only the best. Stay healthy!

Couple sitting on sofa at home in front of fireplace, rear view.

With us it is already winter season!

There it is now, autumn, with all its facets. The foliage turns into the most beautiful colors, the wind blows strongly around our noses, the days are shorter and above all cooler. With BOOMEX GmbH it goes its usual course in this season. With everything that is different this year than expected, we consider this a good sign. Since we do not divide our season after the four seasons, but after summer and winter, we can say clearly “With us is already winter season”!

The store is buzzing!

Now the hot phase for our teams in the production facilities and in logistics really begins. Firelighter wool is soaked in a wax bath. Firelighter cubes are cast and cut. Production lines transport finished raw materials to fully automatic packaging plants. Robots palletize the units packed for shipment. Our employees drive the goods into the many trucks which arrive at the loading ramps at short intervals. The store is buzzing! Now we benefit from the fact that our production facilities meet modern standards and our processes are well established.

We bring the heat to your home

A romantic crackling fireplace, the cosy warmth of your own stove – sounds great, doesn’t it? Quite soberly said “the house must be warm”! We offer you a wide range of firelighters for daily lighting. We bring the warmth to your home. If you want to light your fire safely, cleanly and ecologically, simply use FLASH firelighter wool. New for the winter season 2020/21 is the practical 5 kg case. The handle allows you to transport this supply easily into your own four walls. Thanks to the pouring device, you can easily refill your decorative lighting material depot. Our ignition wool consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Only wood from sustainably managed forests and a vegetable-based wax are used.

Stay healthy

The most important things as usual. Get out a lot while you still can. Enjoy the autumn in all its beauty. Stay healthy!

Anzündwolle aus Hanffasern

Autumn is coming – Our hemp ignition wool is already there!

Were those already the last warm days of summer 2020? In the morning it is already quite cool and those who are in the office early will still be there at dawn. Regular airing is on the agenda for all of us. Soon the days will come when you will have to think about a thick sweater and gloves in the office. Good that the hot autumn at BOOMEX is approaching.

The hot autumn

Autumn is high season at BOOMEX. Our printers and raw material suppliers are increasing the number of hits. Our production lines are running at full speed. Incoming orders are increasing significantly. It will be a hot autumn again. Of course our customers want to be prepared and have their warehouses filled before the cold days come. To make lighting the stoves and fireplaces as easy as possible and to bring comfort into our living rooms, that is our job.

Our hemp lighting wool

Now our absolute market innovation really comes into play. Who wants to ignite not only simply and cleanly, but also ecologically gets the perfect solution from BOOMEX. Eco-firelighting wool from hemp fibers and vegetable wax consists of 100% renewable raw materials. By the use of hemp this eco-firelighter is wood-free. This minimizes the risk of irresponsible wood management and protects our natural forests. Of course the hemp-firelighting wool complies with DIN EN 1860-3, just try it out!

Stay healthy

The most important things at the end. Go out into the fresh air a lot. Enjoy the autumn in all its beauty. Stay healthy!

Neuer Katalog

There it is! The new catalogue has arrived!

The new catalogue has been delivered hot off the press – the work was worth it! The cover shines in green and simply has power. Clearly “More Green Energy”!

BOOMEX becomes greener

Directly on the first pages it is clear that BOOMEX is getting greener. The new ignition wool from hemp fibres is a perfect example. As a wood-free eco-lighter with a strong combustion, the new hemp ignition wool goes ahead. Naturally in a fresh green design with the new FLASH logo.

Made in Germany, your own brand and a flexible mixed display system

From page 4 on we present further strengths of BOOMEX GmbH. We produce our firelighters at two locations in Germany. We deliver more than 200 private labels to our customers. With our flexible mixed displays we create solutions for almost all requirements at the point of sale.

The assortment categories

There are no surprises in the assortment categories. Our barbecue and fireplace firelighters clearly remain number one. The barbecue accessories for the summer and the articles for the cold season follow in categories 2 and 3. Our “All Season” has been significantly upgraded with the Ecoflame Swedish fires, which now run under the FLASH brand. Finally, our trendy accessories under the brand FIRE & DECO in category 5.

Catalogue mailings

The first catalogue consignments are already on their way and by next week the first 1000 catalogues should leave us already. Since we are unfortunately not at the Spoga this year, we had to initiate the biggest mailing we have ever done at BOOMEX.

If you also need a printed copy of our catalogue, just let us know.

Katalog 2020 - Titelseite

Full speed through the summer UPDATE

There’s a lot of movement this summer. Going through the Spoga 2020 can be compared to a soap bubble. As expected, this bubble has burst. However, the new catalogue is scheduled independently of the trade fair.

The trade fair planning

There were plans for a possible trade fair stand that would have surprised visually. We will now reveal this little secret in June 2021. We will see whether we have to stick to the planned hygiene measures then. In future we will be less naive in our trade fair planning than we have been up to now. The Corona crisis clearly shows us that we should not hold on too tightly to pillars such as a Spoga date at the beginning of September. Everything is different, and that also applies to the scheduling of the fair.

The new catalogue

The front page, the topics on the introductory pages and the product range are coordinated and in the process of implementation. Many departments are involved in checking the texts, the logistical data and the image material. Step by step we are approaching the print-ready version. As every two years, our catalogue goes to press in August. With an expected 84 pages, we will remain at the level of 2018. The catalogue will be a really round thing – a green round thing!

The green wind

There is more to our FLASH brand than just the passion for lighting. We all bear a responsibility for our environment and for the next generations. The new catalogue will show another facet of our brand. The green tailwind described last can already be clearly seen on the design of the front page. The tension is rising…

Brücke über den See

Full speed ahead through the summer

Every two years in summer BOOMEX is particularly exciting. Summer 2020 is not only the preparation phase for our largest trade fair appearance at the Spoga in Cologne, but also the time when we are working at full speed on our new catalogue. We have only just come out of the starting blocks, but it is already clear that a fresh wind is blowing at BOOMEX GmbH – a green wind!

The fair planning

Nothing else remains for us to do, we are planning our trade fair appearance at the Spoga in Cologne at the beginning of September. Koelnmesse keeps issuing water level reports on this and shows that there is a struggle to hold the fair. The next few weeks will show whether all these measures and hygiene concepts will lead to Spoga taking place. No matter what happens, it will not be like the last few years…

The new catalogue

The catalogue release in 2018 was clearly dominated by fire. The FLASH dragon, our trademark since 1984, still burns with the same passion for lighting as on the first day. BOOMEX would not be BOOMEX if we were to rest on our laurels. The new catalogue presents absolute product novelties and clever packaging solutions. But there is not much more to this yet. It remains exciting!

The founding wind

There is more to our FLASH brand than just the passion for lighting. We all bear a responsibility for our environment and for the next generations. The new catalogue will show another facet of our brand. The first ideas for it are maturing in our heads. It is already clear that we will continue along the path we have taken in recent years and further develop our products. We just feel as if we have a strong tailwind, a green wind. BOOMEX stays in motion.

We have to admit that we cannot yet be very specific at the moment. But we wanted to make clear that we are on the way with the goal September 2020. If there is something new we will of course report.

Corona Virus

Corona crisis – The current status at BOOMEX

Still on February 24th we reported about our fair in Verona and could not deny there a “queasy feeling”. It is unbelievable how our world has changed since then. To make the extent of the Corona crisis, with all its limitations and suffering, tangible, it probably takes more than a current report on the website of a medium-sized company. So we limit ourselves to what we can do, what our job is. We can inform everyone who reads this message about the current status at BOOMX GmbH.


Positive message on supply of goods

Most of our customers fight on the front line. In grocery retail, DIY stores and discounters, the elementary supply of goods is ensured. A big thank you goes to all employees who ensure the supply of goods despite the crisis. We must probably emphasize the people in the sales rooms, who do their job under high pressure and with the risk of increased contact – for all of us! We can make our small contribution and issue a positive report on the supply of goods. So far, our production sites in Essen and Alsfeld have been running without any breakdowns and our customers receive deliveries on time.

Measures in the administration

A large part of our employees work in the home office. Jobs that can be done from home without any problems should not force an employee into public space. This is the responsibility of every company. All employees who are nevertheless in the office are sitting in separate rooms or keep the given distances. Hand hygiene, disinfection and regular airing are of course part of everyday life. We remain accessible for our customers.


Measures in production

Our employees in production are of course trained to deal with the risk of illness. Every employee has his own disinfectant dispenser. Every machine and the social rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Our production employees have been divided into two teams per location, which work in shifts separated by time. Shift handovers are no longer carried out personally. This is to ensure that we remain capable of acting even in the event of illness.


More hope than fear

Of course, we hope that our measures, and also the general measures to contain the pandemic, will be successful. It is our task, in such a difficult time, to accept the responsibility imposed on us and to think positively. The goal must be that we as a community always carry more hope than fear within us.

Flüssigabfüllung Alsfeld

New production plant – The summer barbecue season can come

Two laughing and no crying eyes

The BOOMEX Ltd. is founded in 1984. For 36 years the company has been producing quality firelighters and is constantly expanding the business. Our old liquid filling plant in Alsfeld was built in 1984 too and is now allowed to go into well-deserved retirement. Start-up in 2020 sounds a little “fresher” when you think of a production plant. We bid farewell to the good old one and welcome the even better new one, with two laughing and no crying eyes.

Production location and production plant Alsfeld

The production site in Alsfeld (Hessen) has been part of BOOMEX Ltd. since 2012. The focus in Alsfeld is clearly on ecological barbecue and fireplace firelighters. Traditionally, the wax-impregnated wood cubes are produced here. In the last few years investments have been made primarily in the production of the firelighter wool and firelighter wedges. This makes BOOMEX the leading manufacturer of ecological firelighters from 100% renewable resources in Europe. Now the next step for our company follows. BOOMEX Ltd. has completely modernised the filling of liquid firelighters and lamp oils.

The summer barbecue season is just around the corner

Winter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. With the first warm days, the summer barbecue season also opens. For many barbecue fans, liquid barbecue firelighters are still among the favourites. Here BOOMEX offers of course also an ecological solution. The biological firelighter liquid is a certified product and our recommendation for all those who do not want to do without the comfort of a liquid barbecue firelighter.

The new liquid filling machine has got what it takes

We have just put the modern filling plant into operation. It is less susceptible to faults and the production speed has increased by 35%. By increasing the maximum production output BOOMEX is even more flexible and can serve orders even faster. As BOOMEX Ltd. is a company certified according to environmental management ISO 14001:2015, we are particularly pleased that the new plant will enable us to save about 40% of electricity. The new plant has got what it takes! The summer barbecue season can come…

Verona bei Nacht

Progetto Fuoco despite coronavirus

Back from Verona

Our exhibition team is back from Verona. Of course the topic Coronavirus is also present in the office. Only 2 weeks ago the sales and marketing departments sat together to talk about the strategic orientation at the fair. The coronavirus was discussed, but at that time it was still far away in thought. The decision for the fair was clear. Today, after all the news about the discontinuation of train services between Italy and Austria and increased controls at the airport in Verona, we cannot deny a queasy feeling. Whether this is the right thing to do or whether we are victims of scare tactics is something we do not want to discuss at this point. Other fairs have been completely cancelled. At the hardware fair in Cologne well-known exhibitors stay away. So we are not completely alone with our feelings.

The trade fair team has adapted to the conditions on site, shaking hands little or not at all, washing and disinfecting hands regularly. Back at the workplace, of course, things continue. Short contact with the family doctor, vigilance when symptoms occur and, very importantly, the coughing and sneezing etiquette (Link:

Trade fair success

But now to the actual topic. Our participation at the Proguetto Fuoco 2020, where we presented our range of products to the visitors in 4 days. The development of the Italian firelighter market was in the focus. Especially in Italy the firelighters based on crude oil products are still in great demand. As our ignition wool and our ecological ignition cubes are a strong alternative in all areas of ignition, this point was the subject of many discussions.

We can be satisfied with the number of visitors at the fair. Many long-standing partners used the fair to talk to us. In addition, a number of interesting contacts have been made with whom we are continuing the exchange of ideas about possible cooperation.

The good feeling

Our trade fair team is coming home with a good feeling again this year. The city of Verona has a lot to offer as a trade fair venue. The mild and almost spring-like weather was a welcome change from the grey rainy weather at home. By the way, the first thoughts of the upcoming barbecue season are already coming up.