Alsfeld – Our “Eco-Location”

BOOMEX GmbH has been producing firelighters for barbecue and fireplace since 1984. The headquarters has been in Essen since the company was founded and our plant in the port area produces our classic, the white firelighter cubes. In 2012, BOOMEX GmbH also officially took over the plants in Alsfeld, from the 100% subsidiary, Schreiber GmbH. For almost 10 years, the production facilities in Alsfeld have been continuously developed and expanded. Where previously only the eco-firelighting cubes based on wood and wax were produced, BOOMEX GmbH today also produces, firelighting wool, firelighting blankets, organic liquid firelighters and organic lamp oil. Alsfeld has become our strong “eco-location”.

Plants in Alsfeld

Due to the expansion of production capacities in Alsfeld, the original premises quickly reached their limits. In the meantime, 4 locations in the Alsfeld area belong to BOOMEX GmbH. In addition to the administration, production and packaging is carried out at three locations. This division of the plants naturally brings with it a logistical challenge. This issue has now also been addressed…

The new truck in Alsfeld

Empty packaging just-in-time to the right production site, transfer of waxed firelighter wool to the cutting plant or pooling of finished products for joint collection – the new truck in Alsfeld is constantly in use. To make it clear to everyone who is on the road, we wanted to give our new truck some color. Of course, the look also had to match the “eco-location” in Alsfeld. I think we succeeded…


So keep your eyes open in Alsfeld. The streets are getting greener!