BOOMEX Herbst Beitrag

Where is autumn taking us?

The days are getting shorter and shorter. It is getting cold outside. On nice days, the leaves shine in the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. Autumn is coming to a finale. Soon winter will arrive and it should actually be Christmas. But what kind of winter does autumn lead us to?

Grumbling about gingerbread?

In Germany, people like to grumble. Is this actually a cherished tradition? In November, topics like long traffic jams are usually on the grumbling agenda. It’s wet, it’s cold and everyone is at home. Who goes on holiday in November? Everyone is in the car on the way to work. It’s a good time to grumble.

The gingerbread is a pain even before Advent. It’s been in the supermarket since September. It’s actually the subject of the grumbling faction every year.

The topic of “Corona” is now so topical again and so present that one really misses complaining out of boredom. It will probably stay that way for a while.

Autumn at BOOMEX

At BOOMEX there are still the usual constants. It is a hot autumn. The productions are running at full speed and the trucks come and go. We still can’t complain here. So far BOOMEX GmbH has come through the pandemic well and that will continue.

The first autumn for FLAMMBURO

The FLAMMBURO project is really new and exciting. In the first autumn of online distribution, we are always faced with challenges that have to be mastered. Fortunately, our team in Alsfeld has just moved into a larger hall. With much more space for the goods and a little more room for packing, it is easier to cope with the rush for our products. We are on a very good way here. For those of you who don’t know our site, please visit us at

Hopefully we will soon be able to grumble about gingerbread again without restraint. Stay healthy!