Barbecue Accessories – A wide selection of premium BBQ tools and accessories.

Everything for the summer barbecue season…FLASH barbecue accessories includes a wide range of premium BBQ tools and accessories.

In addition to premium barbecue cutlery, brushes and barbecue grills, you will find burger presses, barbecue thermometers or high-quality rain covers for barbecues in different sizes and shapes. More articles for the next season are already being worked on.


Barbecue fork „Premium”

Forged barbecue fork with ABS handle


Barbecue turner „Premium”

Forged barbecue turner with ABS handle


Barbecue turner fish „Premium”

Forged barbecue turner specifically for fish, with ABS handle


Barbecue tongs „Premium”

Forged barbecue tongs with ABS handle


Barbecue brush „Premium”

Forged barbecue brush with steel bristles and ABS handle

Ersatzbürsten 3er Set für Grillbürste PREMIUM

3-piece replacement brush set PREMIUM

With steel bristles for PREMIUM BBQ cleaning brush


Barbecue fork „Classic”

Barbecue fork of stainless steel


Barbecue turner „Classic”

Barbecue turner of stainless steel


Barbecue brush „Classic”

Barbecue brush of stainless steel with steel bristles

Ersatzbürsten 3er Set für Grillbürste CLASSIC

3-piece replacement brush set CLASSIC

With steel bristles for CLASSIC BBQ cleaning brush


Barbecue tongs „Classic”

Barbecue tongs of stainless steel


Barbecue brush silicone „Classic”

Barbecue brush of stainless steel with silicone bristles


BBQ sausage turner grill

Stainless steel BBQ food holder for up to 6 sausages


Griddle fish „Classic”

Griddle of stainless steel for fish


Griddle fish 4 pieces

Griddle of stainless steel for fish


Barbecue cutlery set „Basic”

Barbecue cutlery of stainless steel


Barbecue tongs steel

Barbecue tongs of stainless steel


Barbecue tongs

Barbecue tongs of acacia wood


BBQ tongs with rotating head

Innovative stainless steel BBQ tongs with rotating head. The quick and easy way to turn barbecue sausages. Length: 39 cm.

BBQ sausage roller

Stainless steel BBQ sausage roller with removable handle. Effortlessly turn up to 5 sausages at the same time.

Grilltool 3-in-1 (Stahlborsten)

Barbecue tool 3-in-1

Barbecue brush with 3 functions. 11 x 17 x 7 cm

Barbecue brush – 40 cm

Brush head 17 cm wide, with approx. 3.5 cm diameter

Barbecue brush – 54 cm

Brush head 17 cm wide, with approx. 3.5 cm diameter

Grillspieße 150 Stück 18 cm

Barbecue spits, 150 pcs

150 flat spits of bamboo

Grillspieße 150 Stück 23 cm

Barbecue spits 23 cm – 150 pcs

150 flat spits of bamboo


Barbecue spits stainless steel

Four double spits of stainless steel


Barbecue spits – 50 pcs

Barbecue spits of wood


Barbecue food holder

Barbecue food holder in ear-of-corn-look


Griddle for poultry „Classic”

Poultry holder of stainless steel


Griddle for poultry „Basic”

Poultry holder of stainless steel, material thickness 4 mm


Chicken wing rack

 The easy and space-saving way to grill up to 14 chicken wings or chicken legs at the same time.


Heat protection glove „Nomex”

Heat protection glove of Nomex fibre with anti-slip rubber coating

Spare-Rib-Halterung & Bratenkorb (2)

Spare-Rib holder & roasting basket

Grillware holder with 2-in-1 function. Spare ribs on one side and roast on the other side.


Heat protection gloves „Leather“

Heat protection gloves of cow split leather


BBQ basket

For vegetable. Made of stainless steal.


Barbecue thermometers

Barbecue thermometers of stainless steel


BBQ pans set

2 small stainless steel pans for indirect grilling plus 4 bamboo scrapers.


Marinating set of cup & brush

Stainless steel marinating set


Carving set

Stainless steel carving set, consisting of knife


Gas level indicator

Suitable for propane gas and butane gas bottles


Burger press

Burger press of aluminium

Burger press ABS

The easy way to prepare both classic and stuffed hamburgers.


Grill Salt Block

Perfectly suited for grilling, frying, cooling and serving.


Grill Salt Block Holder

Stainless steel holder for BBQ salt block.

FLASH Grill-Alutropfschalen 10er

BBQ drip pan

BBQ drip pan of aluminium for indirect barbecue in kettle BBQs

Grill-Aluschale 5 Stück

BBQ drip pan

BBQ pan of aluminium.

Grill-Aluschale 4 Stück (rund)

BBQ drip pan round

BBQ pan of aluminium

Grillmatte rund 50 cm

Grill mat

round ø 50 cm

Grillmatte 40x45 cm

Grill mat

square 40 x 45 cm