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Firelighter wood wool – 1,5 kg paper bag

The ecological firelighter wood wool of the FLASH brand consists of natural wood & a vegetable-based wax. The product is suitable for safe, low-odour and clean lighting of barbecue, oven and fireplace. Firelighter wood wool is an FSC®-certified product made from 100% renewable raw materials and complies with the standard for barbecue firelighters DIN EN 1860-3. The paper bag contains at least 1.5 kg of firelighter.

The original FLASH firelighting wool is available in various packaging variants such as boxes, bags and tins.

Product information

The ignition wool is produced exclusively in Germany, at the production site of BOOMEX GmbH in Alsfeld. Due to the expansion of the mechanical equipment in recent years, the degree of automation and the production capacity was increased significantly. BOOMEX GmbH operates the most modern production plant for ignition wool in Europe at the Alsfeld plant. In addition to the FLASH brand, many of the private brands of BOOMEX customers from the food retail trade, discount stores and the DIY industry are produced here.

Information on packaging

Here you decide on a product with FSC®-certified packaging material. The packaging of this product comes from FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources.


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