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Firelighter paraffin-based  32 XL tabs

The golden premium quality stands for the most enduring and strongest burning FLASH lighters. This firelighter is an extra large cut XL version of the FLASH firelighter tabs. The size and the high proportion of the paraffinic raw material provide the power. The result is a clean-burning lighter that burns twice as long as normal FLASH primers. Ideal for barbecue, stove and fireplace. Kindle firelighter tabs comfortably with foil. Corresponds to DIN 1860-3.

Product information

In contrast to petroleum or kerosene firelighters, our paraffin-based FLASH firelighters burn much cleaner and have a low odour. Due to the better properties of the raw material, paraffin-based firelighters can be certified according to the standard for grill firelighters DIN EN 1860-3.

Information on packaging

Here you decide on a product with FSC®-certified packaging material. The packaging of this product comes from FSC® certified forests and other controlled sources.


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