Wood-based fuels – Ecoflame Swedish fire, fireplace log, hardwood briquette.

Ecoflame Swedish fire for an atmospheric play of flames and fuels for the cold season.

Ecoflame® – Swedish Fire in various sizes and burning times

High-quality wood without bark and with low residual moisture

Kaminblock 1,1 kg
Chimney Firelog

Chimney firelog of sawdust and wax

Soot remover firelog

Firelog with soot remover powder for chimneys

Hartholzbrikett Buche 5 Stück
Hardwood briquet 5 pieces

Briquet made of beech wood, 10 kg package.

RUF Briketts 12 Stück
RUF briquet 12 pieces

Briquet made of spruce wood, 10 kg package.

Pellets 15 kg
Pellets 15 kg

Pellets made of spruce wood in a 15 kg bag. Pellet diameter of 6 mm.