Anzündwolle aus Hanffasern

Autumn is coming – Our hemp ignition wool is already there!

Were those already the last warm days of summer 2020? In the morning it is already quite cool and those who are in the office early will still be there at dawn. Regular airing is on the agenda for all of us. Soon the days will come when you will have to think about a thick sweater and gloves in the office. Good that the hot autumn at BOOMEX is approaching.

The hot autumn

Autumn is high season at BOOMEX. Our printers and raw material suppliers are increasing the number of hits. Our production lines are running at full speed. Incoming orders are increasing significantly. It will be a hot autumn again. Of course our customers want to be prepared and have their warehouses filled before the cold days come. To make lighting the stoves and fireplaces as easy as possible and to bring comfort into our living rooms, that is our job.

Our hemp lighting wool

Now our absolute market innovation really comes into play. Who wants to ignite not only simply and cleanly, but also ecologically gets the perfect solution from BOOMEX. Eco-firelighting wool from hemp fibers and vegetable wax consists of 100% renewable raw materials. By the use of hemp this eco-firelighter is wood-free. This minimizes the risk of irresponsible wood management and protects our natural forests. Of course the hemp-firelighting wool complies with DIN EN 1860-3, just try it out!

Stay healthy

The most important things at the end. Go out into the fresh air a lot. Enjoy the autumn in all its beauty. Stay healthy!