Couple sitting on sofa at home in front of fireplace, rear view.

With us it is already winter season!

There it is now, autumn, with all its facets. The foliage turns into the most beautiful colors, the wind blows strongly around our noses, the days are shorter and above all cooler. With BOOMEX GmbH it goes its usual course in this season. With everything that is different this year than expected, we consider this a good sign. Since we do not divide our season after the four seasons, but after summer and winter, we can say clearly “With us is already winter season”!

The store is buzzing!

Now the hot phase for our teams in the production facilities and in logistics really begins. Firelighter wool is soaked in a wax bath. Firelighter cubes are cast and cut. Production lines transport finished raw materials to fully automatic packaging plants. Robots palletize the units packed for shipment. Our employees drive the goods into the many trucks which arrive at the loading ramps at short intervals. The store is buzzing! Now we benefit from the fact that our production facilities meet modern standards and our processes are well established.

We bring the heat to your home

A romantic crackling fireplace, the cosy warmth of your own stove – sounds great, doesn’t it? Quite soberly said “the house must be warm”! We offer you a wide range of firelighters for daily lighting. We bring the warmth to your home. If you want to light your fire safely, cleanly and ecologically, simply use FLASH firelighter wool. New for the winter season 2020/21 is the practical 5 kg case. The handle allows you to transport this supply easily into your own four walls. Thanks to the pouring device, you can easily refill your decorative lighting material depot. Our ignition wool consists of 100% renewable raw materials. Only wood from sustainably managed forests and a vegetable-based wax are used.

Stay healthy

The most important things as usual. Get out a lot while you still can. Enjoy the autumn in all its beauty. Stay healthy!