Flüssigabfüllung Alsfeld

New production plant – The summer barbecue season can come

Two laughing and no crying eyes

The BOOMEX Ltd. is founded in 1984. For 36 years the company has been producing quality firelighters and is constantly expanding the business. Our old liquid filling plant in Alsfeld was built in 1984 too and is now allowed to go into well-deserved retirement. Start-up in 2020 sounds a little “fresher” when you think of a production plant. We bid farewell to the good old one and welcome the even better new one, with two laughing and no crying eyes.

Production location and production plant Alsfeld

The production site in Alsfeld (Hessen) has been part of BOOMEX Ltd. since 2012. The focus in Alsfeld is clearly on ecological barbecue and fireplace firelighters. Traditionally, the wax-impregnated wood cubes are produced here. In the last few years investments have been made primarily in the production of the firelighter wool and firelighter wedges. This makes BOOMEX the leading manufacturer of ecological firelighters from 100% renewable resources in Europe. Now the next step for our company follows. BOOMEX Ltd. has completely modernised the filling of liquid firelighters and lamp oils.

The summer barbecue season is just around the corner

Winter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. With the first warm days, the summer barbecue season also opens. For many barbecue fans, liquid barbecue firelighters are still among the favourites. Here BOOMEX offers of course also an ecological solution. The biological firelighter liquid is a certified product and our recommendation for all those who do not want to do without the comfort of a liquid barbecue firelighter.

The new liquid filling machine has got what it takes

We have just put the modern filling plant into operation. It is less susceptible to faults and the production speed has increased by 35%. By increasing the maximum production output BOOMEX is even more flexible and can serve orders even faster. As BOOMEX Ltd. is a company certified according to environmental management ISO 14001:2015, we are particularly pleased that the new plant will enable us to save about 40% of electricity. The new plant has got what it takes! The summer barbecue season can come…