Corona Virus

Corona crisis – The current status at BOOMEX

Still on February 24th we reported about our fair in Verona and could not deny there a “queasy feeling”. It is unbelievable how our world has changed since then. To make the extent of the Corona crisis, with all its limitations and suffering, tangible, it probably takes more than a current report on the website of a medium-sized company. So we limit ourselves to what we can do, what our job is. We can inform everyone who reads this message about the current status at BOOMX GmbH.


Positive message on supply of goods

Most of our customers fight on the front line. In grocery retail, DIY stores and discounters, the elementary supply of goods is ensured. A big thank you goes to all employees who ensure the supply of goods despite the crisis. We must probably emphasize the people in the sales rooms, who do their job under high pressure and with the risk of increased contact – for all of us! We can make our small contribution and issue a positive report on the supply of goods. So far, our production sites in Essen and Alsfeld have been running without any breakdowns and our customers receive deliveries on time.

Measures in the administration

A large part of our employees work in the home office. Jobs that can be done from home without any problems should not force an employee into public space. This is the responsibility of every company. All employees who are nevertheless in the office are sitting in separate rooms or keep the given distances. Hand hygiene, disinfection and regular airing are of course part of everyday life. We remain accessible for our customers.


Measures in production

Our employees in production are of course trained to deal with the risk of illness. Every employee has his own disinfectant dispenser. Every machine and the social rooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Our production employees have been divided into two teams per location, which work in shifts separated by time. Shift handovers are no longer carried out personally. This is to ensure that we remain capable of acting even in the event of illness.


More hope than fear

Of course, we hope that our measures, and also the general measures to contain the pandemic, will be successful. It is our task, in such a difficult time, to accept the responsibility imposed on us and to think positively. The goal must be that we as a community always carry more hope than fear within us.