Environmental protection – We are switching to the green wave…


Reliability, simple handling, safety – those are the quality features of our coal and grill lighters that consumers have valued for decades. In particular in wood-based fuels, an additional aspect is of great importance for BOOMEX: environmental protection – and thus also responsible handling of wood.

Wood-based BOOMEX lighters have the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) seal. FSC® represents and international organisation in which environmental and social associations, forest owners and wood processors cooperate. The FSC® has specified binding criteria that precisely specify the careful handling of managed forests. Therefore, the FSC® certificate is a globally recognised seal of quality for wood products.

The FSC® sign on the wood-based lighters by BOOMEX guarantees for use of wood from certified forests, i.e. sustainable forest management that is reconcilable with the environment. This includes regular controls by independent auditors, transparent production paths and just participation of all social groups in forestry control.

Of course, we observe environmental protection not only in the material and manufacture of our ignition aids: We use only FSC®-certified paper to produce our catalogues and other advertising agents. For our environmentally conscious customers, we continually work to reduce our products’ emissions.

Particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable items bear the “Green Energy” logo. The green range is continually growing and comprises not only all wood-based lighters, but also lamp oil, liquid lighters, a power lighter and oil candles.

For more interesting information on the FSC®, see www.fsc-deutschland.de

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