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2021 – A year without trade fairs?

In 2020, our most important trade fair appearances did not take place. Of course, the Corona pandemic was to blame. Will 2021 be a year without trade fairs for BOOMEX GmbH?

Alsfeld – Our “Eco-Location”

BOOMEX GmbH has been producing firelighters for barbecue and fireplace since 1984. The headquarters has been in Essen since the company was founded and our plant in the port area produces our classic, the white firelighter cubes. In 2012, BOOMEX GmbH also officially took over the plants in Alsfeld, from the 100% subsidiary, Schreiber GmbH. […]

Advent at Lockdown

Perhaps this is indeed the Advent of peace and contemplation. The current lockdown prevents more than just the traditional Christmas market visit. We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With us it is already winter season!

Good that the hot autumn at BOOMEX is approaching. Of course our customers want to be prepared and have their stocks filled before the cold days come. Our hemp ignition wool – Now our absolute market novelty comes so correctly into play. Stay healthy!

Full speed through the summer UPDATE

There’s a lot of movement this summer. Going through the Spoga 2020 can be compared to a soap bubble. As expected, this bubble has burst. However, the new catalogue is scheduled independently of the trade fair. The trade fair planning There were plans for a possible trade fair stand that would have surprised visually. We […]

Full speed ahead through the summer

Summer 2020 is not only the preparation phase for our largest trade fair appearance at the Spoga in Cologne, but also the time when we are working at full speed on our new catalogue

Corona crisis – The current status at BOOMEX

We can inform all who read this message about the current status at BOOMX GmbH. Production sites in Essen and Alsfeld without failures. A large part of our employees work in the home office. More hope than fear!

New production plant – The summer barbecue season can come

We bid farewell to the good old one and welcome the even better new one, with two laughing and no crying eyes. The modern bottling plant has just been put into operation, it is less prone to breakdowns and the production speed has been increased by another 35%. We are particularly pleased that the new plant will enable us to save about 40% of electricity.